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Image manipulation on iis server

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I am using Allayer's Truecolor image manipulation script which accesses the GD2 library. The script works perfectly on Linux/Apache but doesn't seem to work in Windows/IIS. I have tried other image manipulation scripts and none of them work on IIS. (BTW, all the scripts I am trying state that they work on windows).


What I have done so far is:


1. Activated the GD library on my IIS testing server. This seems to be working because php's gd_info() command sends back the correct data.


2. In the IIS management panel, I have set all permissions as high as possible for the target directory.


3. Tried testing the various scripts.


The results I get are:


a. That the upload facilities don't seem to work (the images aren't uploaded into the correct directories).


b. Images that were supposed to have been manipulated appear as broken links in most scripts but don't show up at all in Truecolor. Image-editor-52 did create a manipulated image in a subdirectory but still didn't display it.


I am assuming there is a permissions issue somewhere but I have run out of ideas.


Hope someone can give me some guidance with this one.

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Sounds like the IIS anonymouse user ISUR_servername dosnt have write perms to the upload folders and / or read and execute on the php_gd2.dll

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Thanks for the reply Turbosport.


In the end I didn't use the Truecolor script. I put together a couple of other scripts and got the functionality I needed.





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