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Reset validation status after script execution


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I have started playing around with jQuery mainly to allow me to create complicated forms without clicking through several php pages collecting all the data.


It's is probably not relevant but I will give the full picture of what i am attempting feel free to ignore this paragraph if it is of no use!
I have a table of MySQL rows with checkboxes. There will be 3 different options for bulk processing of the checked rows and on clicking one of the options a hidden div will fade in and the options buttons will disappear (to prevent several options divs being opened at the same same). In the div there will be form elements relevant to the bulk processing option chosen. For the first one it is simply one text input. Upon Submit it will validate that the input is not empty and if so, execute the function that posts the data. The data gets posted, the div gets replaced and a success message is displayed, plus the bulk option buttons return ready to choose another option. This new div gets hidden once a bulk option next gets clicked. This all works correctly but there is an issue with clearing the validation.


So the problem I actually have is that after successful validation and script execution the data is still in memory so if I run through the process again with an empty field, you see the validation error message again, briefly, but the script still runs. Is there any way to clear everything still in memory at the end of script execution? I have tried a few suggestions I have seen and a few things I have tried as a complete guess-up but no joy....


I am sure that there must be a way to do this but I am completely stumped. If anyone can offer any suggestions I would be grateful. Also, although this code is something I am just playing around with and will not be used on a production site, if there is anything in the scripts that could be done better, feel free to say. but don't be too harsh!!


Thanks in advance


The Validation part

    //Validate Defaults
     debug: true,
     success: "valid"
    //Validate Rules
	  var validator = $('#bulkMatchActions').validate({
		rules: {
			required: true
		messages: {
		  ppReason: "Please enter a reason"

	  //On Submit, run the posting script

                  //After the above script is run, I want everything set to NOT VALID ready to validate an empty field again

		  return false;
	 //Empty the form

The actual posting script

function postponeSubmit(){
  $('#postponeSubmit').click(function() {
	var ppSubmit = 'ppSubmit';
	var ppReason = $('#ppReason').val();
	var checkBox = $.map($('input:checkbox:checked'), function(e,i) {
	  return +e.value;
	var checkBox2 = $('#checkbox');
	$('#postpone2 p').text('Loading....');
	$.post('inc/processForm.php', { ppReason : ppReason, ppSubmit : ppSubmit, checkBox : checkBox }, function(data){
	$('#postpone2 p').html(data);
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