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Need help calling properties within another class


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Hey Guys. I have created a method in my checkout_model_class.php, which  generates table rows every time I instantiate a new object.  In the second the parameters I am passing an input field field. On that input field I am trying to access  a property from another class so that I can enter in the value attribute.


 When I try to access that property I get the following error "Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in etc...."


I'm thinking the reason for that is because I am trying to access a property in another class. Should I access these properties statically?


Below is my code. Any help would be really appreciated.



form.php (this is the page where I am calling my $_POST properties from my Users class and where I am instantiating my table rows from my checkout_model_class.php) 

$users = new Users(); // This Users class is in the users.php page

if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {
$users->post_values(); // The post values method does assigns all the post values to the properties of the user class.

//validation code goes here


<form action="#" method="POST">
   $table = new create_checkout_table();

echo $table->table_rows_and_columns("Name:","<input type=\"text\" name=\"name\" value=\"{$this->name}\">"); //
the table_rows_and_columns is located in the  checkout_model_class.php

users class

<?php require_once("../include/functions.php");
class Users {

   public $user_id = "";
   public $name = "";
   public $phone = "";
   public $address = "";
   public $suite = "";
   public $cross_streets = "";
   public $email = "";
   public $credit_card_number = "";
   public $exp_month = "";
   public $exp_year = "";


    public function __construct() {
// condition will load the registered users values into the input fields of the 
//this will be checked automatically when the page loads 
// The getUsers functions retrieves the registered users information from the database so that it can populate the values inside the text field... this is not fully implemented.. yet
if (user_logged_in()) {
    $this->user_id = $_SESSION['logged']['id'];
    $this->name = getUsers($user_id, "full_name");
    $this->phone = getUsers($user_id, "phone");
    $this->address = getUsers($user_id, "address");
    $this->suite = getUsers($user_id, "suite_app");
    $this->cross_streets = getUsers($user_id, "cross_streets");
    $this->email = getUsers($user_id, "email");
    $this->credit_card_number = getUsers($user_id, "hashed_cardnumber");
    $this->exp_month = getUsers($user_id, "exp_month");
    $this->exp_year = getUsers($user_id, "exp_year");
			}// end of  function __construct()
		} // end of if (user_logged_in())

//This function is used right after if if(isset($_POST['submit'] and will grab all the post values and assign them to the attributes above so that they can be called later in the code.
public function post_values() {
	$this->name = $_POST['name']; 
	$this->phone = $_POST['phone']; 
	$this->address = $_POST['address']; 
	$this->suite =  $_POST['suite']; 
	$this->cross_streets = $_POST['cross_streets']; 
	$this->email = $_POST['email']; 
	$this->credit_card = $_POST['credit_card_number'];
	$this->exp_month = $_POST['card_expiry_month']; 
	$this->exp_year = $_POST['card_expiry_year'];
   }//public function post_values()

}// end of users class

checkout_model_class.php(This is where I instantiate the table rows)

class create_checkout_table {
//@data_name just a regular string that displays text that is correlated to the text input field
//@data - This is where all the input text fields gets passed in as an argument. 
public function table_rows_and_columns($data_name="",$data="") {
   $row = "<tr><td>{$data_name} </td> <td>{$data}</td></tr>".PHP_EOL;

   return $row;

}// end of function table_rows_and_columns
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