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uploading pictures to a form in php


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I am new to PHP and I am having some problems and I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Here is what I need to do:

Create a Web Form for uploading pictures for a high school reunion. The form should have text input fields for the person's name and a description of the image, and a file input field for the image. To accompany each file, create a text file that contains the name and description of the image. Create a separate Web Page that displays the pictures with a caption showing the name and description fields. Make sure the folder has read and write for everyone.

Here is what I have but it isnt working properly:

  • Process page of the page!
  • an errow here: This is the message I get!
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '\' (T_NS_SEPARATOR) in C:\ITEC315\htdocs\users\ramojumder0\Reinforcement Exercises\Ch. 5\R.E.5-5_FillPictureForm.php on line 28 which deals with the picture!

    • My problem is that it is having a problem uploading a picture and showing it!

  • How do I fix the issue with uploading a picture and then showing it!

  • Input page
<form method="POST" action="R.E.5-5_Fillrrr.php">

<p>Name <input type="text" name="name"
<p>Description <input type="text" name="description"
<p>Choose a file to upload: <input type = "file" name = "picture" accept = "image/*"
<p><input type="submit" value="Submit" /></p>
<p><a href="R.E.5-5_ShowPictures.php">Show Pictures


  • Processing page!

if (empty($_POST['name']) || empty($_POST['description']))
	echo "<p>You must enter your name and description about
		 your picture. Click your browser's Back button 
	     to return to the Picture Input Page!</p>\n";
else {
	$Name = addslashes($_POST['name']);
	$Description = addslashes($_POST['description']);
	$Picture = addslashes($_POST['picture']);
	$ShowPic = fopen("showpic.txt", "ab");
	if (is_writeable("showpic.txt)) {
		if (fwrite($ShowPic, $Name . "," . $Description . "," .
				$Picture . "\r\n"))
		echo "<p>Thank you for filling out the Picture Input Page!</p>\n";
		echo "<p>Cannot add your name to the Picture Input Page!</p>\n";
 		echo "<p>Cannot write to the file.</p>\n";
?><!--End PHP Script-->


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