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zf-Apigility help


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Hey developers!

I am a compete newbie to zf and zf-apigility. I am designing an pplication with zf2 and I have reached a point where I need to design a restful API for the appm this api will allow my users to perform the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE Request Methods on the app. I found how to install the zf-apigility and get it working but, this require I install the zf-apigility in a different folder and setup a virtual host for it.

This will turn out to be a big problem when I have to specify the path to my application entity(having in mind that I'm using ORM Mapping, Doctrine2) which is in an entirely different folder.

I am using wamp server and I have both the zf-application folder and zf-apigility folder in the www root directory of my wamp server.


My questions is, is there a better way to have both my zf-application and zf-apigility installed in the same folder and have them mapped out correctly? Keeping in mind that I most definitely want to make use of the zf-apigility admin and postman for testing.


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in anticipation to a positive response from you guys.

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