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Sending PHP Variable with jquery to another page


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Hi folks,


I have this coding problem that I want to pass the PHP variable $row[HEADMARK] and $row[iD] to another page to process update to the oracle DB as user check the checkbox.


So on the data.php I have,

        $('.cuttingCheckbox').change(function() {
             if (this.checked) {
               { headmark : $($row[HEADMARK]).val(), 
                 headmark_id : $($row[ID]).val()},
                 this.setAttribute("disabled", true), alert(headmark,headmark_id); }); 

	if($_POST['action'] == 'show')
                          WHERE SUB_MASTER_DRAWING.HEAD_MARK = '{$_POST["hm"]}'";
		$query = oci_parse($conn, $sql);
                $query_exec = oci_execute($query);
		while($row = oci_fetch_assoc($query)){
                      echo "<table border='1'>";
                            echo '<table cellspacing = "0"';
                                echo '<thead>';
                                echo '<tr><th>Head Mark</th>
                                echo "<tbody>";
                                echo "<tr><td><b>$row[HEAD_MARK]/$row[ID]</b></td>";
                                          if ($row['CUTTING'] == 'Y'){                                   
                                              echo "<td><input type='checkbox' id='cuttingCheckbox'  name='cuttingCheckbox' checked='checked' disabled='disabled'/></td>";
                                          } else {
                                              echo "<td><input type='checkbox' class='cuttingCheckbox'  name='cuttingCheckbox' data-labelauty='Cutting done|Cutting NOT done'/></td>";
                                          echo "</tr>";   
                                          echo "</tbody>";
                                echo "<table cellspacing = '0'";
        echo "</table>";
     }//===> END OF 'SHOW'

And on the process_data.php should update the variables to the database


$cuttingUpdateParse = oci_parse($conn,"UPDATE SUB_MASTER_DRAWING SET CUTTING = 'Y' WHERE HEADMARK = '$_POST[headmark]' AND ID = '$_POST[ID]]'");
$cuttingUpdateRes = oci_execute($cuttingUpdateParse);

if ($cuttingUpdateRes){
    echo "<script>alert('CUTTING UPDATED');</script>";
} else {
    echo "<script>alert('ERROR OCCURED');</script>";


Somehow I couldnot get this code to work. even the alert on the jquery.

please help me guys

Million thanks

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ok... this is wrong



{ headmark : $($row[HEADMARK]).val(),
headmark_id : $($row[iD]).val()},

PHP variables cannot be read by javascript.


What you need to do is add two hidden input fields to your form, which hold the values of those variables, eg

echo "<tr><td><b>$row[HEAD_MARK]/$row[ID]</b>
        <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"HEAD_MARK\" value=\"$row[HEAD_MARK]\" />
        <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"ID\" value=\"$row[ID]\" />

Then in your javascript you $.serialize the form fields and pass that as the data

$.post('process_data.php', $(form identifier).serialize(),
                 this.setAttribute("disabled", true), alert(response); }); 
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