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Place for product development methodologies


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If this is something you would be able to discuss at your local watering hole, I want to move to wherever you live. You'd have to let me stay on your couch for a week or two until I get my own place though, as I wouldn't feel comfortable in this municipality of retards for longer than a day, knowing that somewhere, out there, is a place where everyone speaks the language of product development methodologies.


My kin, that'll use WIP as a euphemism for moving up and down in a manner that can only lead to a larger number of wenches being defloured through pure efficiency. My brothers, running from all directions to the center of a field, daily, locking arms in friendship only to beat each other senseless using packs of cards with a modified Fibonacci sequence tightly grasped moments later, under the influence of that poor excuse for beer that needs help to defy gravity to get into their glasses. 


Is that what you're saying?

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