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how to find the elements to get it separate


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I need some help with my PHP, I'm working on my PHP to parsing the contents from the elements. 


I have the ids of `<span id="time1">` and `<span id="title1">` for the elements. I'm trying to parse the `time1`, `time2`, `time3`, `time4`, `time5`, `time6`, `time7`, `time8`, `time9` and `title1`, `title2`, `title3`, `title4`, `title5`, `title6`, `title7`, `title8`, `title9` elements which I'm using `span` as the id. 


I will get the input of the `time1`, `time2`, `time3`, `time4`, `time5`, `time6`, `time7`, `time8`, `time9` and `title1`, `title2`, `title3`, `title4`, `title5`, `title6`, `title7`, `title8`, `title9` together which I want to get the list of `time1` to `time9` and `title1` to `title9` in separate.


Here is the input:


    7:00 PMMelissa & Joey - Born to Run7:30 PMMelissa & Joey - More Than Roommates8:00 PMMelissa & Joey - Accidents Will Happen8:30 PMBaby Daddy - From Here to Paternity9:00 PM




Here is the output of get-listing:


    <span id="time1">7:00 PM</span> - <span id="title1">Melissa & Joey -  Born to Run</span><br></br>
    <span id="time2">7:30 PM</span> - <span id="title2">Melissa & Joey -  More Than Roommates</span><br></br>
    <span id="time3">8:00 PM</span> - <span id="title3">Melissa & Joey -  Accidents Will Happen</span><br></br>
    <span id="time4">8:30 PM</span> - <span id="title4">Baby Daddy -  From Here to Paternity</span><br></br>
    <span id="time5">9:00 PM</span>




Here is the code:


    ini_set('max_execution_time', 300);
    $errmsg_arr = array();
    $errflag = false;
    $xml .= '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>';
    $xml .= '
    <tv generator-info-name="www.mysite.com/xmltv">';
    $baseUrl = file_get_contents('http://www.mysite.com/get-listing.php');
    $domdoc = new DOMDocument();
    $domdoc->strictErrorChecking = false;
    //$links = $domdoc->getElementsByTagName('test');
    //$links = $domdoc->getElementById('test');
    $links = $domdoc->getElementsByTagName('a');
    $data = array();
    foreach($links as $link)
      //echo $domdoc->saveXML($link);
         if(!$link->hasAttribute('id') || $link->getAttribute('id')!='streams')
           $url = str_replace("rtmp://", "", $link->getAttribute('href'));
           $url = str_replace(" ", "%20", $link->getAttribute('href'));
           //echo $url;
           //echo "<br>";
           $sdoc = new DOMDocument();
           $sdoc->strictErrorChecking = false;
           $spans = $sdoc->getElementsByTagName('span');
           $query = parse_url($url)['query'];
           $channel_split = explode("&", $query)[0];
           $channel = urldecode(explode("=",$channel_split)[1]);
           $id_split = explode("&", $query)[1];
           $my_id = urldecode(explode("=",$id_split)[1]);
           //echo $my_id;
           //echo '<channel id='.$my_id.'>';
           //echo $spans->nodeValue;
           foreach($spans as $span)
             echo $span->nodeValue;
             //echo "<programme channel='".$my_id." ".$channel." start='".$starttime."' stop='".$stoptime."'>";
      //echo "<programme channel='".$my_id." ".$channel." start='".$starttime."' stop='".$stoptime."'>";


Can you please tell me how I can create the arrays for the domdocument to get the element id of `time1` to `time9` to make it separate with `title1` to `title9`?

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Is that really your input with the times blending in with the titles?



Anyway, in a loop you can create a new array and even associate items within that array

$new_array[] = array("id"=>$my_id, "channel"=>$channel, "start"=>$starttime, "stop"=>$stoptime);

Outside the loop can do whatever need with it.


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