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How to add single quote instead of double quote?


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I'm working on my php as I'm generating to make the xml output.
I need some help with my php as I want to add the single quotes in the <programme channel= tag to make it like this:
<programme channel='101 ABC FAMILY' start='20140504113000' stop='20140504131000'>

On mine the output show like this:


<programme channel="101 ABC FAMILY" start="20140504113000" stop="20140504131000">
The problem are lie in this line:
$xml .= "
      <programme channel='$my_id $channel' start='$stoptime' stop='$starttime'>";


Can you please tell me how i can make the output with the single quotes instead of using double quotes?

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Is there any reason why the looks of the document are so super-important for you? XML doesn't care whether it's a single or a double quote. Both delimit attributes, and that's it.

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Because it is my script and it is my own work to use so it does bother me!!!


so how to add the single quote in the <programme channel= tag because on mine mine it will be showing without the quote like this:

<programme channel=ABC FAMILY></programme> 

here is the code:

$xml .= '<programme channel=' .$channel. '>';
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The single quotes are not showing because you are using it as the string delimiter. If you want to print a literal single quote you'll need to escape it

$xml .= '<programme channel=\'' .$channel. '\'>';


$xml .= "<programme channel='" .$channel. "'>";
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The code I posted is syntactically correct. You sure you tested it correctly? The \'  will print a single quote

echo 'One \'two\' three'; // outputs: one 'two' three

echo "One 'two' three"; // outputs: one 'two' three
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it still don't work for me, please see it here:


here is the update code:


$my_id = '101';
$channel = 'ABC FAMILY';
$starttime = '2014-05-04';
$stoptime = '2014-05-05';

$xml .= '<programme channel=\'' .$channel. '\'>';

//$xml .= "<programme channel='".$channel."' start='".$starttime."'>";
//$xml .= "<programme channel='$my_id $channel' start='$starttime' stop='$stoptime'>";

$xml .= '</programme>';

header("Content-Type: text/xml");
echo $xml;
$handle = fopen("myChannel.xml", "w"); 
fwrite ($handle, $xml);
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