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PHP Code Error


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Hope some one can guide me in the right direction, am working on a simple PHP Calculator.


Been trying to find the problem for quite some hours all I get is a blank page, and have not been able to spot the issue, here is the code:



$operacion = $_POST['lista'];

if (isset($_POST['c1']) && !empty($_POST['c1']) &&

isset($_POST['c2']) && !empty($_POST['c2']) &&

isset($_POST['c3']) && !empty($_POST['c3'])

echo "El resultado es";

else {
echo "debes insertar todos los campos"; }

switch($operacion) {

case sumar:
echo $_POST['c1'] + $_POST['c2'] + $_POST['c3']; 

case restar:
echo $_POST['c1'] - $_POST['c2'] - $_POST['c3']; 

case multiplicar:
echo $_POST['c1'] * $_POST['c2'] * $_POST['c3']; 

case dividir:
echo $_POST['c1'] / $_POST['c2'] / $_POST['c3']; 

default: "no se ha podido realizar la operacion"; 



Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


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all I get is a blank page,

Turn error reporting on, open the php.ini and make sure display_errors is set to on and error_reporting is set to E_ALL


On line 18 - 24 you have a malformed if statement. Have left off the closing parenthesis for the condition and a opening { (curly brace) for the statement.

On line 29 before the else you have left of the closing  } (curly brace) for closing the if statement


Refer to the manual for the proper structure for an if/esle


The values for each case statement should be wrapped in quotes

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