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index.php. dreamweaver. serverSettings. 'unable to connect'


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The error is very common "Unable to Connect"

I have been sorting out in my head why I should be using index.php rather than index.html.
My pages are dynamic so I am using index.html.

I modified my httpd.conf file because it only had index.html

<IfModule dir_module>
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html



I am on a macbookpro 10.8.3 and this Document Root is standard.
Document Root   Library/WebServer/Documents
so my path is:     Library/WebServer/Documents/dwwdSite

(dwwdSite = DreamWeaverWebDevelopmentSite)

I set up the server settings as shown in the .pngs. Have to attach them separately.

So many people know this stuff intuitively.  Sorry that I am rusty. (not a novice).

Can someone spot and Explain to me Why I am getting this error.  I am really stuck.
When I do this from within Netbeans /localhost/phpWithAlex/index.php  I get output in the browser.

It is not working with Dreamweaver.



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Here is the text within those screenshot fields.


Site window settings.

Site Name: dwwdSite

Local site folder: /Library/WebServer/Documents/dwwdSite


Server window settings.

Server Name: testing Server

Address: Macintosh HD/Library/WebServer/Documents/dwwdSite

Connect using: Local/network

Testing: yes (checked)

Server folder: /Library/WebServer/Documents/dwwdSite

(I also tried this: Server folder: /Library/WebServer/Documents)

Web URL: http://www.localhost/dwwdSite


Server Advanced tab: (within server window settings)

Testing server: PHP MySQL


Advanced Settings window.

Local info: Web URL: http://www.localhost/dwwdSite

Enable cache: yes (checked)



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