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sender receives receipt/autoresonder with custom fields


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I recently changed the PHP code where the submitter receives a receipt, Now they want the submitter to receive it with less fields than what the E-mail goes to.

For example the people who get the email from the submitter sees all the fields, but the submitter gets a receipt with different fields. I cannot seem to figure it out. Any help is appreciated. So I receive all this fields name,lastname,email,Phone,ReferredBy. But the submitter receives only these files name,lastname,ReferredBy




$yourEmail = "example1@email,example2@email.com"; // the email address you wish to receive these mails through
$yourWebsite = "Application"; // the name of your website
$thanksPage = ''; // URL to 'thanks for sending mail' page; leave empty to keep message on the same page
$maxPoints = 4; // max points a person can hit before it refuses to submit - recommend 4
$requiredFields = "name,lastname,email,Phone,ReferredBy"; // names of the fields you'd like to be required as a minimum, separate each field with a comma

$textlink ='<a href="confirmation.html">Click Here And Take The Next Step</a>.' ;
$error_msg = array();
$result = null;

$requiredFields = explode(",", $requiredFields);

function clean($data) {
$data = trim(stripslashes(strip_tags($data)));
return $data;
function isBot() {
$bots = array("Indy", "Blaiz", "Java", "libwww-perl", "Python", "OutfoxBot", "User-Agent", "PycURL", "AlphaServer", "T8Abot", "Syntryx", "WinHttp", "WebBandit", "nicebot", "Teoma", "alexa", "froogle", "inktomi", "looksmart", "URL_Spider_SQL", "Firefly", "NationalDirectory", "Ask Jeeves", "TECNOSEEK", "InfoSeek", "WebFindBot", "girafabot", "crawler", "www.galaxy.com", "Googlebot", "Scooter", "Slurp", "appie", "FAST", "WebBug", "Spade", "ZyBorg", "rabaz");

foreach ($bots as $bot)
if (stripos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], $bot) !== false)
return true;

if (empty($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']) || $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'] == " ")
return true;

return false;

if (isBot() !== false)
$error_msg[] = "No bots please! UA reported as: ".$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'];

// lets check a few things - not enough to trigger an error on their own, but worth assigning a spam score..
// score quickly adds up therefore allowing genuine users with 'accidental' score through but cutting out real spam :)
$points = (int)0;

$badwords = array("adult");

foreach ($badwords as $word)
if (
strpos(strtolower($_POST['comments']), $word) !== false ||
strpos(strtolower($_POST['name']), $word) !== false
$points += 2;

if (strpos($_POST['comments'], "http://") !== false || strpos($_POST['comments'], "www.") !== false)
$points += 2;
if (isset($_POST['nojs']))
$points += 1;
if (preg_match("/(<.*>)/i", $_POST['comments']))
$points += 2;
if (strlen($_POST['name']) < 3)
$points += 1;
if (strlen($_POST['comments']) < 15 || strlen($_POST['comments'] > 1500))
$points += 2;
if (preg_match("/[bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz]{7,}/i", $_POST['comments']))
$points += 1;
// end score assignments

foreach($requiredFields as $field) {

if (!isset($_POST[$field]) || empty($_POST[$field]) && array_pop($error_msg) != "Please fill in all the required fields and submit again.\r\n")
$error_msg[] = "Please fill in all the required fields and submit again.";

if (!empty($_POST['name']) && !preg_match("/^[a-zA-Z-'\s]*$/", stripslashes($_POST['name'])))
$error_msg[] = "The name field must not contain special characters.\r\n";

if (!empty($_POST['email']) && !preg_match('/^([a-z0-9])(([-a-z0-9._])*([a-z0-9]))*\@([a-z0-9])(([a-z0-9-])*([a-z0-9]))+' . '(\.([a-z0-9])([-a-z0-9_-])?([a-z0-9])+)+$/i', strtolower($_POST['email'])))
$error_msg[] = "That is not a valid e-mail address.\r\n";

if ($error_msg == NULL && $points <= $maxPoints) {
$subject = "Payment";

$message = "New applicant: \n\n";
foreach ($_POST as $key => $val) {
if (is_array($val)) {
foreach ($val as $subval) {
$message .= ucwords($key) . ": " . clean($subval) . "\r\n";
} else {
$message .= ucwords($key) . ": " . clean($val) . "\r\n";
$message .= "\r\n";

// this means reply to the sender with e-mail and subject.
if (strstr($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'], "Win")) {
$headers = "From: {$_POST['email']}\r\n";
$headers .= "Bcc: $yourEmail\r\n";
$headers .= "Reply-To: {$_POST['email']}\r\n";
} else {
$headers = "From: {$_POST['email']}\r\n";
$headers .= "Bcc: $yourEmail\r\n";
$headers .= "Reply-To: {$_POST['email']}\r\n";

if (mail($_POST['email'],$subject,$message,$headers)) {
if (!empty($thanksPage)) {
header("Location: $thanksPage");
} else {
$result = 'Congratulations! We have received your application. IMPORTANT Click link below';

$disable = true;
} else {
$error_msg[] = 'Your mail could not be sent this time. ['.$points.']';
} else {
if (empty($error_msg))
$error_msg[] = 'Your mail looks too much like spam, and could not be sent this time. ['.$points.']';
function get_data($var) {
if (isset($_POST[$var]))
echo htmlspecialchars($_POST[$var]);


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