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htaccess xml file downlaods


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Hi guys,


I need your help. I have .xml file in download directory on my server. whoever visit my site page (Myxmlfilename.xml) user should be able to download these files and other files should not.


I am trying to achieve above but no luck...


does anyone know how I can access to Myxmlfilename.xml to download the xml file?


thank you in advance.

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Use your favorite mechanism for restricting access (like an Order), and then use a to override that specifically for Myxmlfilename.xml.

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It's a file. If you don't have one then make it - it goes in the folder that contains that XML file.


Inside it, use an Order to limit access to everything,

# deny by default
Order allow,deny
then a with an Allow that grants access instead.

<Files "Myxmlfilename.xml">
  Allow from all
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