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Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ')' in function


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I have a single dimensional array of item characteristics called $item[ ], I get the above error when I try to define the functon parameters like this

function bread_crumb($item['id'], $dbc)


However when I change it to this the function works fine

$id = $item['id'];
function bread_crumb($id, $dbc)


Can you use an array to define a function's parameters and if you can how do you do it?



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I think you confuse function definitions and function calls. 


The parameters of a function definition have nothing to do with outside variables. They are generic placeholders which get concrete values when you call the function:


 * This is a function definition; the parameter $name is a placeholder of the function.
 * It does not refer to any outside variable, even if there happens to be a variable
 * called $name as well.
function hello($name)
	echo 'Hello, ' . $name . '.';

 * This is a function call. This is when you pass concrete values to the parameters
 * and execute the function body.
$you = 'floridaflatlander';
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