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PHP email form stopped working, please help me fix it !


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If you have linux hosting with shell access you can check sendmail directly. First log into your account with ssh then:



Step 3
Send an email in the terminal using the sendmail command. Sendmail needs a valid, working email address and a short message. A subject for your email is optional. Type "sendmail your@email.com" and press the "Enter" key.

Step 4
Type a short one-line message and press the "Enter" key. Press "Ctrl-D." The command prompt should appear. Check your email inbox to see if the message was delivered. If the test email does not show up after a few minutes, Sendmail is either not working or not working properly.

steps from: http://smallbusiness.chron.com/check-sendmail-working-not-linux-49904.html

or try the mail command


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Yep, david is right,  since you have a ssh access to this account, login into your terminal and try to call sendmail directly from the shell. Try, again to send me an email with a message od current date/time. The command is:

echo `date` | /usr/sbin/sendmail tuparov86@gmail.com

// or 

echo `date` | sendmail tuparov86@gmail.com
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thanks guys but with my current plan I do not think I have access to the SSH manager, I've tried the script that isn't working with 2 other hosts and it works fine, but my current host keeps ignoring the facts and telling me to fix the script. I might just switch hosting company.

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