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Learning PHP reminds me of the feeling of falling


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Hey everyone!


I'm about a month into learning PHP, 


i started with javascript and decided I should switch to PHP, so glad I did. 

Learned the basics of programming with javascript which was nice,


all the pain and burnout was associated with JS and not PHP, I switched into PHP and everything just made sense.


I've got a journey posted on a site and i've been keeping track of all the progress ive made.

It's extremely helpful. 


I found this site looking for php projects, and it looked edgy and active. Thought i'd join.


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Unfortunately you will probably end up going back to JavaScript again because it handles stuff that PHP doesn't handle. I started with PHP and didn't get very involved with JavaScript, but then found that I needed it. I now use it all the time. It's not like the old days where JavaScript was considered a option. These days JavaScript is enabled on like 99.99999% of devices. PHP and JavaScript are good friends though. I can't remember when I started in on web design and development, but it's probably been about 10 years. Been using PHP for 8 years. You never stop learning, so that feeling of falling will probably be with you for a couple years until you start feeling more comfortable.

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What he  ::) said ...  :happy-04:


I find PHP much easier than JS as well.  But JS appears to be moving to the forefront of web tech ... almost every company needs UI/JS people, whereas the backend may be PHP, Ruby, Python, C/C#/.NET ... sheesh, I even saw an ad for a CF developer inside a fairly large company lately...

Welcome to the board  :happy-04:

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