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How does one become great at php and mysql?


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I have been coding for past 2 month with php , like login script ect.

I wana know how and what must one do to become better at php , in order to get into job market for example. What books or videos do you recommend?  im using  mysqli as a beginner of course. but many times i feel so lost with php when i get an error. HOW to avoid this? How can i understand this language better? How do you before you code, draw out ur plans on what u going to do for the project and how u will structure if 



ps i dont know a super lot about php jargon






thanks guy would like to know erveryones thoughts



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I like to mock up pages in a word processor, describe what they'll do, lay out the database in phpMyAdmin or even excel, then start coding. I look for things I am already doing that can be done better with automation. So far I have done business valuations (which I do for work), Japanese learning (for fun), and SEO tracking (for both). I also volunteer to code for non-profits which brings interesting projects.


I'm not great, but I code well enough to get things done. The ability to get things written is a better starting goal IMHO.

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You've just got to keep going at it.. If you see something you don't understand, research it until you can make sense of it.


Think of difference PHP classes / functions that you can create, and then keep trying to improve that class / function until it's solid and super fast.


Once I understood the basics of PHP I moved onto learning object orientated PHP and grasped the concept of that.

I was then able to study the methods used in popular PHP software packages, such as MVC-frameworks and forums to learn more about them.


Just keep coding!

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