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Hello from Denmark


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Hi all


I am been working with PHP since 2001 where I started on a few hobby websites where I played around with white and black SEO stuff and also helped other people with the sites and backend systems.


I then got a steady job at an web agency where I have been the last 5 year. My private project is www.consolari.io which is an utility to help logging lots of complex data when developing sites or debugging on live environments.


I used to thing it was best to keep everything to one self but now I believe in sharing and helping others.


Just been through the book "the one Thing" and then started on the "pragmatic programmer".


A few weeks back I joind PHPday in Verona, Italy. Nice to see other people passionate about PHP.


My current specialties is stuff around message queues like beanstalkd and elasticache which I am working on alot these days. So if anyone wanna discuss these two subjects just msg. me.

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