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random member avatars, need help with table


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My knowledge about this stuff is less than basic, I am using this code which I found, changed it little bit with help of logic as original one was not working and make it work but.... I would like to place frames around avatars while avatars are in horizontal order one next to each other...and under them there is nick names


So all this is done on Vbulletin board, within one custom widget


This is my code now, what I need is frames and that nick names are centered :

$member_count = 6;

  // Get Random Members
  $newusers_get = vB::$db->query_read("
    SELECT ".TABLE_PREFIX."user.userid AS userid, ".TABLE_PREFIX."user.username AS username, ".TABLE_PREFIX."user.avatarrevision AS avatarrevision, ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar.dateline AS dateline FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar
			ON ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar.userid=".TABLE_PREFIX."user.userid
    WHERE ".TABLE_PREFIX."customavatar.visible = 1
   LIMIT $member_count");
  $output_bits = '<table cellpadding="5" align="center"><tr>';
  while($newuser = vB::$db->fetch_array($newusers_get))
        $output_bits .= '<td><a href="member.php?u='.$newuser[userid].'"><img src="image.php?u='.$newuser[userid].'&dateline='.$newuser[dateline].'" alt="'.$newuser[username].'"/ width="120" height="120"><br />'.$newuser[username].'</a></td>';
  $output_bits .= '</tr></table>';
  $output = $output_bits;

And in attached photo you can see how it looks


At least point me in a right direction, not sure what tor read or where to look

Thank you 




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