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Creating/updating SaaS with multiple subdomains


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Am currently trying to develop a SaaS, where each user gets their own subdomain with their application. Am wondering, though, with installation and subsequent updates:

  1. What is the best way to initiate an installation? The project is currently in a git repository. Is it better to simply pull the master branch per installation; or is zipping up the master branch, copying it to the new subdomain, then running the installation a better (secure?) method?
  2. What is the best way to initiate an update of code? If using the git repo, hat would deal with updated code, but not updated MySQL tables.
  3. Should the user be allowed to choose to update (so much like W$, a popup shows up that says there's an update; user can choose to update or ignore); or should all updates be forced (such as at a certain time)?
  • I haven't seen much online with my searches, but I may be blind at this point. Any thoughts/comments appreciated!


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If its all hosted on the one server why use multiple installs in the first place? Your application should be built to handle multiple tenancy.


1 & 2) There are plenty of deployment tools around. Personally I use capifony which is capistrano tuned for Symfony applications.


3) Most SaaS services auto update without the user being aware.

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