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searching variants for a keyword

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I'm trying to buid up a search engine to my web site, and when I hid the search button for example for "computer" it only shows me results for pages which includes only the word computer.


but it would be ok if I would get a results as well for "computers" which has just a little "s" added to this string




this is my query


SELECT p.page_url AS url,

COUNT(*) AS occurrences

FROM r_page p, r_word w, r_occurrence o

WHERE p.page_id = o.page_id AND

w.word_id = o.word_id AND

w.word_word = \"$keyword\" ->> and here is the keyword

GROUP BY p.page_id

ORDER BY occurrences DESC


how can I do IT? i;ve tried with


w.word_word LIKE \"$keyword\" and won;t work


thanks guys!

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You may want to check out this excellent tutorial on [a href=\"http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/129/0.php\" target=\"_blank\"]MySQL Full-Text Searching with PHP[/a]. Your query will be set up differently, but you are likely to get back better results.

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