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CodeIgniter mode_rewrite (index.php)


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Hi all

Its my first project in CodeIgniter and I tried to make it live from local


Issue is, In local server, site URI is running without index.php, but live it is giving error.


e.g http://localhost/ci_basic/site/about


folder name -  ci_basic

Controller name - site

Function name - about


In .htaccess file


RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /ci_basic/


Now i uploaded the file in a folder named - chikabana ( folder in my root directory assigned to the chikabana.com )


In .htaccess file


RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /chikabana/


I also changed the base url to - chikabana.com in config file

and also removed index.php from config file.


But this URL not working - http://chikabana.com/site/about


this is working - http://chikabana.com/index.php/site/about




Also my second question is  - how i remove the controller name from url?


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