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Review My Freelance(?) Site


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I've been maintaining my old site http://www.tomsfreelance.com even though it's kind of just a business card at this point. So I decided to implement some javascript stuff I had been working on for other reasons. So far it seems to I have some work to do in Firefox, but I think it's working pretty well otherwise.


This is a bit of an oddball of a site and just about 99% javascript.


Feedback is much appreciated!

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Sorry, but I'm not a fan.


The fancy JavaScript desktop stuff is interesting for the first few seconds, but it quickly becomes annoying due to the ugly graphics and the complete lack of basic usability features. For example, it's impossible to navigate on the page with standard browser functionalities. I cannot reload the current page, I cannot go back, I cannot create bookmarks. In the end, it looks rather unprofessional.


Besides that, there are several technical issues:

  • You've declared the document as XHTML, but it's neither valid XHTML nor served as XHTML. In fact, you don't even seem to be aware of XHTML basics like marking inline scripts as CDATA sections. That's a problem. You generally shouldn't use XHTML unless you have a specific reason and the knowledge and discipline to get it right. Otherwise, just use plain HTML.
  • Inline scripts and event attributes are evil.
  • While you declare the character encoding in the document, you've failed to declare it in the HTTP headers. Always do both.
  • Stretching images doesn't look good.
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I just tried it in Firefox and Chrome and neither let you do anything.  The only thing that happens is the icons get a white box around them on hover, but that's it for me.  Plus it looks very unprofessional.

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The idea is unique, however, the site's icons & images looks amateur.

I didn't know I had to double click the items on the 'desktop' until I tried it.


It's really hard to navigate, as in time consuming. Customers would prefer to get your contact & etc with just a click.

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I'm a freelancer too. My website has changed many times over the years. I've almost always got phone calls and jobs, except for when my website approached weirdness. I had made a very dark black/neon type theme. I thought it looked cool, but no calls. I think you'd be better off with just a simple but normal template. You'd be more likely to get some jobs with a simple WordPress installation and a premium theme from themeforest. The Enfold theme on themeforest is really slick.


The worst part of your website is that it has no text to tell the story. People that go to your website will judge it in about 2 seconds, and then click away to something else if they don't like what they see. Having a couple paragraphs of text about what you do would be beneficial. Also, make sure your phone number is easily seen (large) with no scrolling.


Also, double clicking on items is not normal. I had to look at source code to figure out how things worked. Normal site visitors will just be confused and leave.

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