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Structuring database connections and queries


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I'm talking about a graphical error page with formatted text, images etc. Something like the Wikipedia error page.


I mean, that single line of plaintext above was just for testing. In reality, it should be a proper page with a bit of visual appeal.


I am unsure what you mean here? Isn't it the size of the file, where the fatal error occurs, that IE wants to be bigger than 512 B? If so it doesn't work to link to an image which size is sufficient big! Please explain.

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Sorry, but I am still puzzled. Should I change the direct error message, implemented with an echo 'A Technical error ocurred' like above, with for example a header to direct to the error page, having a size of 512 bytes or more?. Like this:


function handle_fatal_errors() {
	if (http_response_code() == 500) {header("Location: error_page.php");}

ini_set('display_errors', 0);


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