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Would you please comment/review/provide feedback on Aptugo?

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#1 Aptugo

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 09:15 PM



I'm the sole developer of Aptugo (http://www.aptugo.com), a web RAD development environment with focus on making every developer's life easier. I've spent countless hours over the last two years developing it, and while the main focus is to be a CRUD boilerplate, it can actually build complete websites with great features (Aptugo's website was completely built with Aptugo, and google page insights gave me a score of 92 right out of the oven and without any effort).


Anyway, it would be really nice if you could spend a few minutes taking a look at Aptugo, It is free, and I really want to keep it free forever, in order to be able to achieve that, I really mouth-to-mouth promotion, so I'm not trying to sell you anything here, I'm just asking for help and your empathy! :). If you could tell me: "I would use aptugo if it..." I would really appreciate it. 


Have a great day,


#2 lawless

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Posted 04 September 2014 - 10:08 PM

Testsettings 1


FF 30.0



* Javascript

* Flash

* Cookies




* Ghostery

* AdBlock Plus

* Popups


- Not found

-- Login

-- Menu


- Register

-- Country settings do not show any values

-- 'eye' button on the password does not work


- Newsletter

-- Confirmation box pops up without me noticing the first time (wrong placement / too fast gone)


- Buttons to Webapplication

-- Give me a link to the startpage with an hashtag added (http://www.aptugo.com/#)


Ending test






Testsetting 2


Opera 23.0




* Javascript

* Flash

* Cookies




* Popups


- Register

-- Country had to be added (may add 'test', 'test2', etc to spam your database)


- API function list

-- Unknown column 'Functions1409866626.CodeSample' in 'field list' (Gives me nice opportunity to recreate database scheme)


- Pricing

-- Extensive details on payment options lead to the entry page / free page


- Languages

-- Changing the language does nothing


- Links

-- Privacy policy &

-- Terms of service are no where to be found


- Comments

-- Comments do load from Disqus instead of your own site? Why the outsourcing?


- Buttons to Webapplication

-- Give me a link to the startpage with an hashtag added (http://www.aptugo.com/#)


Ending test










Overall.. nothing works for me. The main browser (FireFox) with adblockers and social deniers active, I do not even see the top navigation. There is no application loading which I could possibly use to create anything. I do not know how to navigate your site. I'm pissed of by the use of Disqus.


What I do like is the design (and the name). It's quite straight forward. When everything does show up where it's supposed to be on the user's display, it's quite intuitive how to use. The navigation is a bit awkward though, most of all because I do not know where the "main" application is hidden.


The pages load quite well and fast.

There are some bugs in your project. Also you are showing some to people with (custom?) error messages. I just got another one when cruising through your website again.







What to do:

Catch the errors into a file and make them only visible to yourself. I know it's open beta and stuff, but I (the user) do not care about your database errors in particular. Show a 'out of order, coming back soon' page without further details.


Catch up on why i cannot open your webapplication and please do replicate why FireFox won't show the top navigation. This is crucial - always check what the user's display will show. In my case, I would have left your site without ever trying again.


Disqus is a nice feature, millions of people like it. I do not. It is generally blocked by Ghostery and I will only unblock it / use another browser if I feel, that your web project will fill my needs.


What I do want to see when I'm visiting this kind of project website is a demo. I don't really care if this is an Youtube video, some kind of screenshots with textual explanation or an actual demo where I may click myself through some functions. Deploy this on the main page (or at least one big enough button 'DEMO' whatsoever) and I might stay a while.



As I could not do anything except exploring some content on your website, I can not tell on your project status.

#3 Richard_Grant

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Posted 10 September 2014 - 01:29 PM

i think this page needs a new design, you lost my interest as soon as i viewed it. http://www.aptugo.com/features


i feel you need a video or some sort on the home page i really didnt want to read anything that was there.

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