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Hi Everyone. 


I need help. 


I need to find or make a software/page with the table which would allow multiple users to edit and put in values simultaneously. 


So, how i see it is that there is a table in front of several people, with certain data, e.g. different car names, and when one person puts a tick, as in to say, yes i want tht car (others will know the meaning), all the other users using the software or being on the page would instantaneously see that there is a tick next to this car for example, and beside the tick there would be an initial or a full name of the person who put the tick which would be filled in the cell automatically and all the users would be able to see it in realtime. Also an undo feature is good to have, in case a tick is put next to the wrong cell (e.g. car).


I have tried using the Microsoft Excel to be shared by several users, however it proved itself to be inefficient as it cannot update realtime, the user has to save the document... 


Several of these tables might be needed, however, it would be handy if one person would create some similar table, they would be able to share it with other people for them all to use it simultaneously.


Also if different people could have different colors assigned to them


Something along the lines of:




Please Help.

I have very little knowledge in programming and php, have had some experience with html - if this helps at all...

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may be have an application, which at the beginning would pop-up, like a sign in, which would set the application to that person...

If d person is new to your website you  have to put the form registration once they completed they can easily check it and your will be in safe no one can access and using check box to select an item it will display the entire informatoin

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