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Should I continue to learn ZEND framework


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I have spent the last few days going over Zend framework 2, and I am finding it extremely complex. Not saying it shouldn't be, but it seems to solve problems I never have come across (so to speak) .


For instance:

Routing is super complex. I usually use torophp - which is simple & gets the job done. 

Dependency injection - example of problem I have never come across.


My motivations for learning zend, are - 


1. To write modular reuseable code.  

2. Learn advanced / modern PHP , as far as frameworks are concerned I just know codeigniter.

3. A framework with good long term support.


Is there some other framework that is easier to learn ? and that would satisfy my requirements ?

I have been programming in PHP for the last 2-3 years btw, so I know my way around 



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