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Review my portfolio site please ;)


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So I was working on this site past month. I know it is too much time for such simple website, but I am a perfectionist and I need to have everything perfect. It is using JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap (I am deep fan of TWBS and I am using it on almost every website I make) and Yeti(?probably, I forgot :D) theme from Bootswatch. Of course also FontAwesome for YT, FB, Twitter an GitHub icons. On smaller resolutions it is looking epic (1024x768 etc etc), on mobile devices too, but I am not sure how it looks on HD, HD-ready resolutions (yes, I can use zoom-out in my browser, but it is misleading...). What do you think?


P.S.: Projects in "My Recent Work" are clickable and that will toggle description with some fancy fade effect (using jQuery.toggle()).


P.S.2: I am not sure if I should vertically-center contact text or let it be with big top and bottom padding. What do you think?


P.S.3: Oh, I almost forgot. Website link is here http://deathbeam.github.io/. Yes, I am using GitHub pages, I love git. And nope, I do not bought my own domain yet.


P.S.4: I accept "brutal" criticizm, feel free to be rude :D


P.S.5: (this is starting to be annoying lol): If you guys have time, can you please tell me what feeling do you have from my subsite http://deathbeam.github.io/fwphp/index.htm. I tried to keep everything as simple as possible, but I am not sure if it is not too much :/


P.S.6: I am really sorry for my English...

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