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Back to programming after an 8-ish year break...


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Hi everybody,


So I used to be a pretty decent PHP developer, but I haven't done much with programming for the last 8 years. I switched to the healthcare industry after the big dot-com boom and I'm finishing up a doctorate in nursing this spring. I decided to try and get back into programming to pursue some online teaching projects I want to take on and wow, have I forgotten a lot!


I've got a WordPress site up and I've manged to teach myself some decent animation skills in Flash and After Effects. Now I'm looking to try and build a set of database tables to house medication calculation equations, answers, and some metadata. I've been looking around to try and find some WordPress addons that will let me edit database tables, but everything I've been able to find turns out to be a table editor in the "Microsoft Word" sense of the word, and not actually usable to manage database tables. Is there anything out there that could save me a big chunk of time?


Looking forward to some development after a long break though. I don't plan on working through a shell, so I'm going to be using a text editor on a PC. Any suggestions for making the writing and syncing easily that might make my life easier?





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For creating/editing db tables/data, you can use phpmyadmin

I'm comfortable with PHPMyAdmin, but I'm trying to create a UI for people to be able to add and modify med calc problems. This shouldn't be too tough, but I'm hoping to be able to use the WordPress auth to protect access to the tables. This is where I'm not sure where to start.


Watching a GIT video now... looks pretty cool.

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