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Programmer for hire (10 years) | IMMEDIATE work needed


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I write with Object orientated programming style in all languages where possible.

Languages i am experienced with:

  1. PHP4/PHP5
  2. Mysql/Mysqli/PDO
  3. CSS/CSS3
  4. Html/html5
  5. Javascript (i prefer not to use libraries but i can use jquery just fine).
  6. C++ Console
  7. C# Silverlight
  8. C# windows phone 8.1

Graphic design:

  • Photoshop cs6
  • fireworks cs6 (i prefer not to use fireworks though)

Familiar operating systems:

  • Linux
  • Windows


Extra info:


  • I work with Apache and have experience maintaining the server.
  • I like to work over SSH (secure shell).
  • I program in Notepad or command prompt only!.
  •  I do not use frameworks or special software!

Again i am looking for IMMEDIATE work. Thanks


Sometimes i over think things and need to be told EXACTLY what it is you want VERY SLOWLY.



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