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TOR socks proxy server


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Guys, I recently came across this about using a tor socks proxy as a default proxy server in my local home network. So, to my centos-box, I've set the service up with a default soks-port 9050 and the local ip address of this machine is Here's a part of the tor's config file:





[jazz@centos-box ~]$ top -u jazz | grep tor                                                                                                                                     
 3413 jazz      20   0 76256  32m 9720 S  0.0  0.3   0:01.55 tor

[jazz@centos-box ~]$ nmap -Pn | grep 9050

9050/tcp open  tor-socks


Now, I'm completely able to use that socks proxy from the centos-box with my default browser / curl or whatever you want to be, but if I go to my laptop and set the proxy-socket up to its browser, I've got a message of "TOR is not an HTTP proxy" and half or more ( not all of them ) of my bookmarks web-sites don't work. However, a message when I'm running this service says:



Sep 12 13:16:01.769 [notice] You configured a non-loopback address '' for SocksPort.

This allows everybody on your local network to use your machine as a proxy. Make sure this is what you wanted.
Sep 12 13:16:01.769 [notice] Opening Socks listener on



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