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This is prob a stupid question.. but i've always wondered..


When deleting a cookie why do we use 

why do we use:

setcookie($name, '', time() - 3600, "/", "", 0);


when this works just fine:

setcookie($name, '', 0, "/", "", 0);




isn't the time() just a waste of space?



I ask this because everywhere i look i see:

setcookie($name, '', time() -3600 , "/", "", 0);

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Setting the expiration time to the past is a compatibility feature for Internet Explorer.


What people miss, however, is that PHP automatically sets the expiration time when you give it an empty value. So the time() stuff doesn't do anything and is arguably a waste of space.


:) oh so i can just put ?

setcookie($name, '', NULL, "/", "", 0);

Without any compatibility issues?

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