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Using xml feeds to display live odds on website


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I'm looking for some advice on how to parse an xml feed and display any odds on my site


Here is an example http://feed.youwincdn.com/web/xml/en/youwin_football.xml


and as you can see it is quite large so calling it every time would have an impact on the server.


I am looking at using many different feeds in the future so want to start this properly and in a scaleable way.

I want to use php but open to any ideas on the best way to do this


Many thanks


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First, 3.4MB isn't a feed, it's a bad decision.


If you must deal with such a feed, pull it in with a cron, and store it on your server so you don't have to call it on every request. Call your cached version.


Do you need help with parsing? SimpleXML is super easy. Give it a shot and let us know when you get stuck.

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