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MS SQL PHP Connection Test Apache2 Server


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I created this to test the connection to my ms sql server with a web page. I can connect with isql with out fail.

when I open this I get





I was expecting to get sql data between the above lines. What am I doing wrong.



<title>PHP SQL Test</title>
<p> PHP SQL Test </p>

$conn =odbc_connect("datasource","user","password");
if(!$conn) {
    exit("Connection Failed: " . $conn);

$sql="SELECT top 10 * from WIP_master";
$rs =odbc_exec($conn,$sql);
exit("Error in SQL");
<p> End PHP SQL Test </p>

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There may be other problems that aren't obvious...


You need to make a change to your php.ini file: run phpinfo() in a script and it will tell you where you can find the file near the top. Hopefully you do have one.

In there are two settings to change:

error_reporting = -1
display_errors = on
They exist in the file somewhere and probably in two locations: one place describes a bunch of settings, the other is the actual location where the setting is defined. Possibly commented out with a semicolon, in which case you need to uncomment it after changing the value.


When you do that, restart Apache and run phpinfo() again. Then look for those two settings - they should have the new values.


Then try your script again. There will probably be some kind of error message. Or more than one.

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