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Seperating an HTML template into includes

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I have an HTML template that I'm going to use for my CMS, and need some advice on the best way to split it up into common elements used across all pages.


I've identified the common HTML and have written functions to include each. I've used functions instead of directly including them on the page for flexibility in the future.(wise?)

/* functions.php */

function show_style() {
include_once 'module-style.php';

function show_header() {
include_once 'module-header.php';

function show_sidebar() {
include_once 'module-sidebar.php';

function show_footer() {
include_once 'module-footer.php';

function show_js() {
include_once 'module-js.php';

And then on the page itself...

<?php include_once 'functions.php'; ?>

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
        <title>My CMS</title>
        <meta charset="utf-8">

        <!-- start section content-->
        <section class="section-content">

            <!-- start content -->
            <div class="content">
               // PAGE CONTENT
            </div><!--/ end content -->

        </section> <!-- /end section content-->



A few questions - are there any issues with using the <? tag as opposed to <?php.... I've seen it used in templating before and want this to be as clean and readable as possible. Also would it be better to use a class for this, and include all of my functions within that class? Any advice or alternatives on the method used above would be great

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