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Advice for Website Redesign


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I have an older website done in Classic ASP, and many pages hit a Microsoft SQL server for database functionality.
We are starting to move forward with the planning for the redesign, and I wanted to get opinions on moving forward with changing the ASP to PHP, and keeping the MS SQL database. I know PHP can be used with MS SQL, but I don't know if there are any "gotch'as", or things to be aware of.
Yes, we could use MySQL, but I'm much more familiar with MS SQL, and know how to support it from an administrative and development standpoint.
The server will be Windows Server 2012 (I don't have a choice with this), and I would either run WAMP on it for PHP functionality, or just install PHP....I like the ease of WAMP for enabling certain PHP features, so I'm leaning towards that...but again, opinions please!
Thanks for any thoughts and advice!

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