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redirect main domain to subdomain


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I think I may have got confused. :)


I have a sitebuilder script that creates micro sites on the same domain - eg: www.website.com/micro1.


The script basically clones the homepage and allows me to change some colors etc. When the micro site is set up, it creates a redirect www.website.com/micro1 which goes back to www.website.com, but with the adjusted colors. What I want to do is to redirect www.website.com/micro1 to another url, for example http://sitebuilder.website.com/microsite1


I have discovered that there is no actual /micro1 folder in my root which is why the following redirect does not work:


Redirect 301 /micro1/ http://sitebuilder.website.com/microsite1


However, if I create a /micro1 folder in my root, the redirect works. I have a lot of sites, so I don't want to create folders for each microsite.


Is there another redirect I can do so I don't have to create a folder each time?



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That redirect does not work because it's not an IIS redirect.

You have two choices:


1. Buy Micronovae IIS Mod Rewrite for the server (dedicated or VPS only) which then allowed most htaccess to work on IIS.

2. Convert it to an IIS rewrite using the conversion tool in the IIS Manager (only available to the server admin). If not a server admin with "root" privileges, then you'll need to read some help docs online. Or ask here.


But first, yoiu need to create a mod_rewrite rule, not a pure htaccess rule. Those don't work at all.

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