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I am trying to force home landing page text onto this wordpress themes (weblizar Enigma)  standard page (which doesnt seem to allow for this even with settings/reading/static/home page option selected wordpress settings)

The landing page just seems to be wigitised. 


In a nutshell, I want to have a "page" of text on home page below banner slider and instead of "BLOG" and blog text. Hope this makes sense.

Not getting help from theme author and I have been pointed towards .phpfreaks

This is the website below....


Thankyou in advance guys


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Hi there,


I was wondering if you solved it and if you've found the editable "hompage" in the Enigma theme ( I assume you had the free version) ...It's driving me nuts too... the rest is editable from the core files but the home page is... can't find it lol

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