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GUI testing, capturing user feedback

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I've finished the front end design of my application and now intend to provide a version to my potential users to gain feedback.


Does anyone have any experience with the best methods of capturing this feedback? What methods have you used in the past? Questionnaires?


I want feedback on things like the colour scheme, layouts, ease of use etc. From what I've read I can do things like a 1-5 satisfaction scale on multiple questions, but this seems a little vague



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I guess if you want feedback on specific areas, a multiple poll system sounds the best.

Create each poll with your question and possible answers, such as ease of use, the looks, performance


If you let people comment on everything is no good way to organize it.

You can add an optional comments along with their poll answers to get additional feedback as to why they made their decision.

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I think the best you copuld do is to sit down physically with the on tester at a time, and just let him/her loose on the GUI. Dont tell the person anything about whats what. Instead just observe what the person says does and note down possible questions. If possible record the screen and voice of the tester.  This way you will get a good idea on how first time users will interact with your GUI.

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