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Edit Text "Get Register" noob php alert

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I'm new to wordpress and PHP, I'm not a developer and I only understand HTML. All I've learnt so far about wordpress is from youtube, so apologies in advance for all the questions. 

In the header where it says "Get Register", i want to change it to just say "Register". 

I'm using firebug and Firefox browser to find the file, to edit the above request. 

so far, its told me the text i need to edit, is in custom.css?ver=1 

on line 329

I found the file custome.css, but how do i edit custom.css?ver=1 please?



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What you describe is most likely in just that theme.

Is unlikely to be in the css file unless was an image.

I would look in the header.php file of that theme instead.

Also possible the theme creator made a new function in functions.php


Paste the header.php for that theme here in the forums code tags.

Use the <> button.

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