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Can someone setup a cron job to execute a script for me?


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I've been stuck trying to execute a script for a few weeks now and I really need help.


The script is supposed to schedule social media posts via functions.php and wp-load.php but I get errors.


Can someone do me a favour?


Drop your email and I'll send you the details to connect to my database.



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If you show the errors someone can most likely help.


Does it come down to owner permissions such as root or www-data?


are you calling to a shell file then execute?

directly calling to the php script?


Most admin panels have the ability to easily create a new cron job

You could research which panel you are using and find out how.


I use webmin

Go to system/Scheduled Cron Jobs

Create a new scheduled cron job.

select the user for permission

insert a command something like this

/usr/bin/php -q /var/www/my-php-script.php

select when or how often would like it to run

click Create


Is other places to set crons as well such as in







Since I use ubuntu will link you to here which is similar to other linux versions and cron commands


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