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Hello all. 


Callsign is TheAlmightyOS, most of my gamer friends just call me OS. Almost didn't make it in here. That account creation botcheck was BRUTAL. Someone needs to check on that cause there is no way I was getting it wrong every time. :confused:


Anyway, I am here cause I need some help. I am a gamer (and a moon-light server admin), not a coder. But I got a project now that involves some php and I can't get help anywhere. They ether tell me the API I am using is depreciated (it isn't) and won't help me or they just say "your error is on line x" and then leave me to hang. 


So, well, I am hoping you guys see I am not trying to write the most perfect web site ever and give a hand.


Looking forward to meeting all of you.

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