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Is this a good design? (Database url linkage)

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So, built a classifieds site.


The link is something like this: mysite.com/category/subcategory/1234


The category & subcategory don't do anything, they are just for vanity.


My question is about the '1234'. The number corresponds to an "id" which is a unique key in my database.


When people make a post, I use LAST_INSERT_ID() to get the most recent post and generate the URL.


So basically, my urls correspond 100% to database ID's, for better or worse. These go up by 1 with each post. I anticipate some potential numbering issues when I eventually delete posts.


Would it be a better idea to generate these unique IDs some other way, or is this acceptable design?



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It's pretty standard design.

Also, don't underestimate the words "category', "subcategory", etc.  Use words people can remember and that search engines (or at least search engine users) can understand.


What "potential numbering issues" do you anticipate?  When we remove a product at OMBE, we just serve a 410 or 404, as appropriate.

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