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PHP wont encrypt passwords


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to echo a variable, all you need is echo $sql; this is pretty basic stuff and would be covered in any beginning php book, tutorial, or class. have you read a php book or tutorial, or taken a class to learn the basics before trying to write your own code that does something?


of the lines you posted, line #2 and line #3 would have displayed the content of the $sql variable (line #3 would have also displayed the extra dots and spaces within the double-quoted string. lines #1 and #4 would have literally displayed what is within the single-quotes.


if nothing was displayed when you tried to echo the $sql variable, either you either have a php syntax error and the whole page of code isn't running or you put the echo statement at the incorrect point in your code or the code where you put it at isn't being executed.


if you want anyone here to try and determine why the echo statement you put into your code didn't do what was expected, you would need to post your current code that contains that echo statement to give us something upon which to help you.

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