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swf generator

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I need help with creating a page like this:



So that we can offer our clients the opportunity to edit their flash banners.



The generator should be located on our webpage.




Purchase option is not needed as our clients will have this tool offered for free.



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Nobody will make this for you.


I'll tell you how can make it though.


Create a form to collect the clients data

Incorporate a color chart to select colors

Save the data into a database for later use

Let clients upload own banner background or have a pile saved at the server

have a custom swf file


For the client to display embed... use their database data and load the flash vars




When a client embeds the flash banner...it would be an iframe to your site with url parameters linking it to their account in some way.

A script on your server generates the iframe code with the users data


(optionally doing an animated image)

Generate new images using imagemagick

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