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how to create a local copy of a live wordpress-site: to avoid blank page


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hello - dear phpfreaks,

i portet over a wordpress site to localhost. (an opensuse linux-box)

all went nice and was very smooth to do so.

after porting over the files and the db;
i added the db-name and user-name etc. but nothing more.
then i looked at the site http://localhost/mysite

i saw the site - but only once -  that is very very interesting.

i read that i have to do more.  Probably these changes - mentioned below are mandantory in order to avoid a blank page

cf: https://managewp.com/how-to-create-a-local-copy-of-a-live-wordpress-site#comment-148613

The two fields you need to edit are “siteurl” (highlighted above) and “home” (which you may need to navigate to the second page to find). Just click the “Edit” buttons next to each field, and replace the URL contained in “option_value” with “http://localhost/yourfoldername/”.
That’s it! If you now navigate to “http://localhost/yourfoldername/”, your site should load up in all its glory. Please note that if you use custom permalinks, you will need to change them to default (in the WordPress > Settings > Permalinks screen) in order for internal links on your site to work. You can of course change the permalinks back to their custom form at any time.


question: is this true? Do i need to make these changes to avoid a blank page!?

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That seems a logical step to do. Otherwise all the links on your local wordpress installation will be pointing to your live site and not your local installation.


However a blank page for a PHP script usually means an unrecoverable error was encountered. To see what the error is you need to either look at your servers error log or enable PHP error reporting.

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