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PHP mail issue


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Hi All,

I am using php mail function to send emails.

But email sending 20 minutes late (i.e receiving 20 minutes after executing mail script) .


The email body having URL "http://www.i-videos.in/test-event" .

If i removed that URL from email body then email will receiving instantly.


Is the email getting slow because of body email ?


Could any one help regarding this issue asap?


Thanks in advance...

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The email service could be potentially marking them as spam.


Have a look at phpmailer


Is actually a lot to try to ensure all your emails go through.


This is some helpful tips about emails




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Hi QuickOldCar,


I tried both PHPMailer classs and php mail() funtion to send an email.

In both cases i am getting 20 minutes late to receive email (iff my email body having "http://www.i-videos.in/test-event" URL).

If email body not having that URL then i received the email instantly.


Could you tell me the reason for this issue?


Thanks ...





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The email service could be potentially marking them as spam.


Maybe the email provider has to scour through a huge list first, not sure but is most likely their end and not yours.


Did you read any the urls i posted with having more than a link in an email, have other content as well


They all have their own systems for checking emails, is hard but have to work out which methods send more reliable.

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How many different email providers have you tried sending email to, like to gmail, yahoo, some other ISP? Each one will have their own criteria for spam filters, etc. Some might go through immediately, some might get delayed. It could also have to do with the reputation of the IP that you are sending the email from (host).

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