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Need help with PHP header("Location


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I was wondering if it's possible to retain loaded files and the current error setttings after a

header("Location: xxxx.php")

is issued, for example in this:

// Start up the session - not used yet but there just in case

// Enable the Autoloader and initialise it
require_once 'Autoloader.php';

// Check if the application has been installed yet ----------------------------
    header("Location: install/index.php");

And I get a class not found error when I open the install/index.php

// @todo: Disable this in the production version .... I already did this in the main index -- do I have to do this on all pages that may error?
error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_STRICT);

// Because we jumped here, we have to reinstall the autoloader -- why?
require_once '../Autoloader.php';

While I can understand I wouldn't want this if I was firing off to a completely different site, is there anyway to retain the settings within the same server environment or do I have to reset everything as above.

I even tried using session in the hope that this would 'remember' but it didn't work.





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