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Form 2 Email Script Code Greatly Appreciated


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Hi All,

Newbie to these forums here, so most importantly is my hello to you all.  :D

Well the reason I am here is because I have had to setup a new site (4th now) for my company. This will handle very important Disabled Accessibility Research Studies and I now need to find a good clean professional looking Form 2 Email script.

I have tried but failed to install and upload 5 different one's i have found on my travels to date but felt that if I can get one from a forum like this and maybe that last little bit of guidance for where ever it is I am failing, that would be great and oh so appreciated indeed.

The site is a Valid CSS XHTML 1.0 Strict and any potential script would need to be what I believe the term 'Clean' to enable me to validate those new pages used for the given script.

I am still unsure if I can have all other pages .htm extension as they are and then have a php form 2 email script saved as .php as the only .php page(s) and still implement this kind of script cleanly and it be validated without errors  ???

If it helps, you can take a look at the site first for observation reasons if you feel you maybe able to help me on the above.

It is [url=http://www.uraccess4ink.com/uraccessqa/index.html]http://www.uraccess4ink.com/uraccessqa/index.html[/url]

The last script I uploaded can be seen at [url=http://www.uraccess4ink.com/uraccessqa/mail.php]http://www.uraccess4ink.com/uraccessqa/mail.php[/url] but as I am getting problems with header errors I have panicked and you wont at this time be able to see past those.
I have tried reading time after time and to make sense of the topic setup to deal with this issue on these forums but it is just baffling me to my frustration.

So maybe there is a much better explained, very simple to install and upload form 2 email script you can point me to and that will work in the way I require it to regards the way this new site of ours is put together HTML wise and knowing XHTML 1.0 & CSS Validation can be very very picky indeed to scripts that are put together badly by the author, so making W3C validation a nightmare.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as mentioned and I look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. I am entirely self taught and while I am a quick learner as a rule, I do sometime stumble on new things due to my living with 3 illnesses of my own....I don't mind been called a newbie though...we are all newbie's when trying new things  ;D

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