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Heeello Phpfreaks!


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Id like to introduce myself as Noxin, I came into building sites earlier this year I've completed several sites as training so far.

Each time learning and expanding my knowledge my latest site I have half completed easily, I think people in the industry would say I've completed the front end.

But this time I'm adding login's registration and payment systems I think this is know as the back end of a site.

I came to this site because I really need some help from people who really knows PHP.

So I've been on google and youtube trying to pick up as much knowledge as I could to self teach myself, but the things people say to type in for example: I'd like to give a example but I'm not home yet. But a error will come back on my xammp server as a error on line 4 or something.

So I don't know if php code changes for the different patches that comes out or something or if the stuff people have been saying to type is wrong.

All I know is I'm using notepad++ and I have xammp with php 5.6.3


Any help would be fantastic and sorry for the long intro.



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Welcome Noxin!


When posting more information about the error, please start a new topic in the PHP Coding Help forum: 



Note that it's helpful to know the exact error message. It also helps to see some code. Just keep in mind that PHP may say the error is on line 4. In reality, the error may be caused be something on another line; usually before the one reported.


Here's to hoping we can help!  :happy-04:

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